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Ford ST Octane Academy

This past weekend, Dan and I attended the Ford Performance School: ST Octane Academy class in Tooele, UT; and it was an absolute blast. Here are some highlights (videos and photos). Videos My initial track run. Lead and follow session Focus STs Me running the Urban Cross course with Dan (interior cam). Me running the [...]

Site update 2015

Well, that was a much-needed update to my little old (literally) site. I can’t believe it had sat on the interwebs since 2009, untouched and all alone. It was probably terrified of how much coding, web design, and CSS has changed since then. The poor little thing didn’t even know that HTML 5 came out, [...]

Rascal rules

Back in 2008, my parents had a stray female cat show up at their house. My mom—who works with Pet Promise—captured her to have her fixed and released back into the wild afterward (which is a common practice). Before she could take her to the vet to have the procedure, she started having kittens. Because [...]

Three years

As of yesterday (04/23/2014), Dan and I have been together a total of three years. We celebrated this fact by taking a road trip to Ikea in Pittsburgh and spending too much money between the two of us. Once we did damage to our bank accounts and our adventure was over, we headed back to [...]