Site update 2015

Well, that was a much-needed update to my little old (literally) site. I can’t believe it had sat on the interwebs since 2009, untouched and all alone. It was probably terrified of how much coding, web design, and CSS has changed since then. The poor little thing didn’t even know that HTML 5 came out, what the term responsive meant or what a hamburger menu is — I could go on, but I’ll digress.

Now, my goal is to keep this site updated often and with new work I create. I’m going through labor and trying to sort things I want to show on here and appropriately categorize them into sections. The whole thing is daunting, but it’s helping me revisit old designs, illustrations, and work from past jobs. It’s making me fill productive and fulfilled. So, be sure to check back off and on to see new and old work posted.

On that note, thanks for reading, I’m out.


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